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 5 Hatters Hacks

5 Hatters Hacks

26th Sep 2020

Hatters Hacks - tips and ideas for your next millinery or hat making project. 

1. Use a Hat stand to strategically place a few nails to store your thread for your current millinery project. 

2. Double for Strength Single for Beauty - Use a double thread when you need strength and a single thread when sewing to make your work appear invisible. Run your thread through some of our Bobs Beeswax to strengthen, and stop your thread from knotting. 

3. Find an old Hairdryer to use to dry your felts after blocking. 

4. Join our FB group - Hatters Hack and Millinery Moments to learn all the news about our world - tips, tricks, ideas, updates, and a forum for you to ask questions. 

5. Pick up a copy of Hatlines Issue #70 to learn more tips and tricks from milliners around the world. 

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