Hatters Hacks

  • Pandemic Project Part 2

    3rd Oct 2020

    Pandemic Project Part 2

    Project number two was to work on developing my technical skillset. In 2019 I was fortunate to win a business mentoring program with our local council. The amazing women who ran this program started u…

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  •  5 Hatters Hacks

    26th Sep 2020

    5 Hatters Hacks

    Hatters Hacks - tips and ideas for your next millinery or hat making project. 1. Use a Hat stand to strategically place a few nails to store your thread for your current millinery project. 2…

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  • Hattember® 2020 Winners

    19th Sep 2020

    Hattember® 2020 Winners

    It's been a very exciting few weeks here at Hatters Millinery supplies and Embellish® Atelier as we received, unpacked, judged, and announced the winners of the Hattember2020 Millinery and Wearable Ar…

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  • Wake UP Wear a HAT

    9th Sep 2020

    Wake UP Wear a HAT

    #WakeUP WearAHAT #30daysHATSeptember #MillineryMaterials As part of HATTEMBER2020 we are inviting you to participate in a project to raise awareness about millinery, hats, and to encourage people…

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  • The Pandemic Project Book Part 1.

    8th Sep 2020

    The Pandemic Project Book Part 1.

    This article was published in full in the latest issue of The Hat Magazine. As a new initiative this year, I created a Project Book, something I had hoped would allow me to plan and map my busine…

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