Fosshape (per 0.5m)

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FOSSSHAPE is a felted (non-woven) low melt polyester material that stiffens when heat and pressure is applied it hardens and holds it's shape. Widely used in the Cosplay industry to create 3 dimensional forms. FOSSHAPE is available in three different thicknesses - 300, 400 and 600, which each lend themselves to different foundations.

They are suitable for use as a foundation in your next millinery project as an alternative to buckram and to add support to your favourite fabrics such as leather or velvet!

FOSSHAPE is widely used in the cosplay, theatre, and millinery industries. It is suitable for making crowns, mascots, puppetry, skull caps or wig supports, helmets, light weight armour, fairy wings, artistic sculptures, and wearable art.

Each thickness of fosshape measures approximately 1.14m wide and is priced per 50cm length. 


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