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Pedaline is a straw style of material that has a hemp or cotton core covered with a cellulose mixture or cellophane and that is then made into a braid.  Pedaline is used for creating millinery trims, hats, headpieces, bows, fascinators, and hats. 

This narrow braid measures 7mm wide, 10 mm wide ,  and the plaited measure2 32mm wide 

The pliated 32mm wide pedaline is avialbel in bundles of 20 metres. 

Our Pedaline is made in Switzerland and is a vintage style braid with a straw look.

Made from 70% viscose and 30% cotton.

It is available in a Matt or Shiny finish.

Sold by the metre.  Maximum bundle lengths vary.from 20m for plaited 32 mm wide version and 44 metres for the 7mm and 10 mm wide pedaline braid. 

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